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Health and Safety


Health and Safety

We are dedicated to implementing quality management procedures.

In a trade with ever changing systems and methods we consistently record Carpentry issues which we then analyse with our highly skilled Carpenters and Site Team so we can rectify the issue.

Prior to handing over to our clients a member of our Quality Management team will carry out checks ensuring a quality finished product and giving our client time to focus on other issues in a ever demanding industry.

Through our policies we set out to make a positive contribution within the communities in which we operates - economically, environmentally and socially. Our overall aim is to adopt best practice in all that we do across all aspects of our business. By continuously seeking improvements and initiatives which add value, investing in the training and development of our employees, treating environmental issues and sustainable construction with the highest importance, creating partnerships with customers and our supply chain, and by working with the community, we will achieve the future sustainability of our business in a truly responsible way that benefits all.

The Management Will:

  • Prepare, communicate and regularly revise Health, Safety and Environmental Policy and Procedures for their business;
  • Ensure that sufficient and suitable resources are allocated to enable the policies to be implemented
  • Ensure that management systems provide for effective monitoring and reporting of health, safety and environmental performance;
  • Prepare and implement staff training programmes.

The management recognises that such policy and measures are advantageous to employees and the company by minimising the likelihood of injury or ill health to people, controlling loss, damage, wastage, avoiding disruption of the production process and safeguarding the environment.

To achieve these objectives, in compliance with legislation, D&S carpentry Southern Ltd require all personnel (directly and indirectly employed) to support these and co-operate fully in their implementation.